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Polish Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Training treatment: stres reduction  from 31.05.21 in Polish language. Emotion regulation following a focused breathing induction, hypnotherapy, MBCT (Maindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
Trainer: Joanna Bochińska-Przybylak Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Neurolingwistic Psychotherapy  (EAP), CBT, Gestalt Indication: neurosis, anxiety, exhaustion, overworking, insomnia, migraine headache, emotional tension, body tension
I Group Mon., Wed. (6:00 pm) polish (Warsaw) time  Beginning for  I group 31.05.21 (16 sessions - 40 minutes each)
II Group Tue., Thurs. (6:00 pm) polish (Warsaw) time Beginning for  II group  1.06.21  (16 sessions - 40 minutes each)
III Group Sat, Sun. 6:00 pm) polish (Warsaw) time Beginning for  III group  5.06.2 (16 sessions - 40 minutes each)                    Sessions: ZOOM 
Payment can be divided into two installments 320 $ (first) and 320 $ (second)Enrolment:

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