For Publishers

What you get

After you register as a Publisher in Clascal you will be able to receive purchase orders for: 

  • Frame Ads to be published in your printed publication
  • Text Classifieds to be published in your printed publication
  • Banner Ads to be published on your website
  • Paid Classifieds to be published on your website
  • Paid Listings in Business Directory of your website
  • Paid Events to be published on your website

Need a new website?

  • We provide FREE Newspaper Website and FREE Hosting for publishers. Register and check if you qualify. Website is equipped with all features required to receive the above purchase orders.


How to do it?

  • For your printed newspaper - set your prices on Clascal, and start receiving ads.
  • Keep your existing website, add Clascal plugin and start receiving ads and other Paid Content: Classifieds, Image & Text Ads, Banners, Directory Listings and Events.
  • Get your new, FREE newspaper website with all the web features included. 


How can we offer a newspaper website and hosting, all for FREE?

We charge commission from ads delivered to you.


Available features in newspaper website delivered for Free from Clascal:

  • Classifieds. Users can post free or paid Classifieds on your website.
  • Business Directory. Users can post free or paid Business Listings on your website.
  • Events. Users can post events in your Calendar of Events, and you can sell tickets.
  • Post sharing system. You can arrange with other publishers and bloggers to publish their posts on your website.
  • Advertising. You will have access to Clascal Ad Network and benefit from it.
  • Mobile friendly website.
  • Customizable solution. You can get a website from us or you can keep your existing website and use several of our features.

See samples of community websites already in our system:


To get more info and to start, please register.